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AARDEE Electrical Services can replace your old existing rewireable fuseboards with Dual RCD Consumer Units containing Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) & Residual Current Devices (RCDs).

These consumer units have built-in 30mA protection to limit the risk of electrocution if there was ever a fault plus easily re-set circuit breakers giving safe & accurate protection of circuits.



old fuseboxOld wooden-type fusebox


New metal consumer unit meeting the requirements of BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 regulation 421.1.201



Fuseboard upgrades are required for various reasons:

  • Existing earthling devices are obsolete or faulty (eg old fault voltage Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers)
  • Existing Fuse Board is overloaded & requires more outgoing ways for a house extension, new shower circuit etc.
  • Our new consumer units offer easier resetting of devices in case of a fault.
  • Fuse wire is no longer needed & new devices cannot be fitted with the wrong size of fuse wire, eliminating the risk of overloads and fires.
  • The installation of RCDs for protection against fatal electric shock.
  • The correct size of protective device is essential to disconnect any circuit in case of a fault that could cause a fire or electric shock. Different size cables can carry different size loads, if a cable is overloaded it will get hot.

Everything has a use by date. If your home still has a ceramic fuse box with re-wireable fuses in the meter box or an old electrical fuse box with no MCBs or RCDs, then it has passed its use by date, and your fuse box is an electrical hazard.

Today’s New Consumer Units are fitted with Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCBs) and Residual Current Devices (RCDs) which cut the electricity when there is an electrical fault.
This can save your electrical cables catching on fire or even save a life from electrocution.

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