Emergency call-out to Taffs Well, Cardiff.

The sockets were tripping out the consumer unit. The cause of the fault was that the cable had been caught on the metal back box and over the years, the cable deteriorated causing a short-circuit between Line & the CPC.


















New consumer unit installed and earth bonding in Pontypridd.

The old existing fusebox was nearly 50 years old and was in a dangerous condition.










Emergency call-out to Thornhill, Cardiff.

Serious fault on the socket circuits, The old and supposedly isolated outside socket at the rear of the garden was infact LIVE and had been pulled off the wall.
Over time, the outside socket had filled with water and had started to cause the consumer unit to trip the RCD every few days.


















New Consumer Unit in Radyr, Cardiff.

Old fusebox was seriously overloaded and had no RCD protection to safeguard against faults and electric shock.
Pictures show before and after.










Call-out to Rhydfelin, Pontypridd.

Customer had a friend to replace the shower switch less than a year ago as it stopped working and over time, same problem happened again.
Luckily we were contacted when we was as the terminals were all loose and caused the neutral to slowly burn up the cable into the attic.
If this problem was not rectified when it was, this could have easily caused a fire!